The Spires

Refuse Collection

Waste bins are situated in the main car park and are contained within the wooden bin shed situated in front of Block D, there are three red bins for general waste and one green bin which is for recycling. If at any point you find the bins to be full, please contact Reception.

We ask that you do not leave any refuse lying around outside of the bins at any time.


Additional refuse sacks can be found under the sink in the kitchen.

If you require additional refuse sacks, please contact Reception. Housekeeping will restock refuse sacks during the weekly service.

DO RECYCLE                                                             

Clean Empty Plastic Bottles



Junk Mail & Newspapers

Clean Empty Drink Cans

Clean Empty Metal Tins

Shrink Wrap / Polythene

Milk Cartons


Paper towels

Kitchen Roll

Tea bags

Food Waste

Polystyrene cups

Food packaging




All containers for recycling must be rinsed out before depositing in recycling bins to avoid cross contamination. We can recycle Milk Cartons provided they are rinsed out. Lids should be removed from bottles and cartons and placed in the recycling bin.


When recycling junk mail and magazines, please separate any packaging (shrink wrap/ polythene etc.) and dispose of packaging in accordance with recycling guidelines.


Food Packaging includes the following items – Yogurt Pots, Crisp/Sweet Wrappers, Sandwich Wrappers and Tin Foil.


If you need any advice on recycling please do not hesitate to contact Reception.