The Spires

Appliance Instructions

We ask that you consider your carbon footprint when using appliances. In all of our apartments, we now use energy efficient lightbulbs, which take slightly longer to brighten up. 



The dishwasher is in the kitchen in the cupboard next to the sink. We have provided you with some complimentary dishwasher tablets for your arrival to start you off. If you require more, they will need to be purchased.

  • Open the dishwasher’s door
  • Turn on by pressing the last button on the left-hand side
  • Select washing mode by pressing the button next to the on button second from the left until desired programme is selected.
  • Start the dishwasher by closing the door



Laundry room is found to the rear of the building, exiting the main side door, it is the middle door to the rear marked laundry room. It can be accessed by using the code C03479. Washers and dryers are available.



Electric fan ovens can be found in all apartments.

Please ensure that you keep all doors closed when cooking and make sure that your extractor fan is on. The smoke detectors in the apartments are very sensitive and they have been installed these for your own safety. Please do not tamper with the smoke alarm or remove the batteries.


  • Turn on main electricity switch, located on the wall in a bank of switches on the splashback.
  • Adjust the temperature and cooking mode from the controls above the oven door.

For more information please visit: "C:\Users\Cardiff\Downloads\oven symbols.pdf"


The hob is an Induction Hob. Pots and pans are located in your kitchen cupboard.



This is located directly above the hob. The switch to turn this on is situated on the extractor hood. Please use this at all times when cooking items on the hob.


Ceiling fan


These are turned on by the switch next to the light switch marked FAN.



The Spires in Cardiff has Gas boilers, and they can only be accessed by staff.

A thermostat can be found on each heater. This is a large building, please allow time for the heating to reach the radiator.


0 indicates the radiator is off

*indicates frost setting

1 to 6 indicates the amount of heat put out



These are usually above or near the apartment door. In the unlikely event of a power outage, the fuse box can be checked for trips and if required, reset. Caution is advised and if you are unsure, please contact Reception or the Duty Manager.



The showers in the apartment use heated water from the boiler.

The switch for the extractor fan is located next to the light switch.