Meet The Team. A Day in the Life of Lynne.

Wednesday 18th March 2015

Meet The Team. A Day in the Life of Lynne.


Name:  Lynne Shepherd


Job Title:  Finance & Administration Manager


Location:  Aberdeen


How long worked for the company:  3 ½ years


What your job entails:

I manage the finance department, process payroll for all locations and also do some HR Administration.


Any funny or interesting stories that have happened to you while at work:


I got a new Golden Labrador puppy that was just 9 weeks old at the time.   I took him into work to meet everyone, and as he was wondering around the office getting lots of attention he decided to leave a little present right outside our Managing Directors door!!.  Let’s just say the poop bags I got for part of my Secret Santa would have been handy that day.


I also have a habit of walking out the office to my car to go home with my cup still in my hand.


What do you like most about serviced apartments?:  The space


Favourite flavour of ice cream? Toffee


Favourite actor/actress?  There are so many but I like Julie Walters, Sandra Bullock, Nicholas Cage, Will Smith, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp but to mention a few.


Tea or coffee?  Tea


What can’t you leave home without?  Handbag


Serviced apartment or hotel?  Serviced Apartment

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