Meet The Team. A Day in the Life of Laura.

Monday 13th April 2015

Meet The Team. A Day in the Life of Laura.

Name: Laura Aird


Job Title: Front of House


Location: Glasgow


How long worked for the company: 4 years


What your job entails:  Dealing with day to day reservations. Checking guests in and out – seeing to guest needs and making sure they have a comfortable stay.


Any funny or interesting stories that have happened to you while at work:

One time I had to witness a policeman take a fingerprint from our front door – quite interesting to see the whole process. It felt as if I was on an episode of CSI.


What do you like most about serviced apartments? I prefer working in apartments as it’s more personal than a hotel – you get to know your guests better.  If I am going away to stay anywhere I will always try to book an apartment first now as they give much more space and comfort than staying in a hotel. Similarly, you have the convenience of a kitchen so you aren’t always having to eat out and if you are away in a group you can all comfortably stay together.


Favourite flavour of ice cream?  Ben & Gerry’s Carmel Chew Chew.


Favourite actor/actress? Johnny Depp – or as I like to call him – my future husband ;)


Tea or coffee? Neither – I prefer wine!


What can’t you leave home without?  My mobile.


Serviced apartment or hotel?  Serviced Apartment.  

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