Giving Blood

8th January 2015

Giving Blood

Today was a big day for our National Sales Manager Craig Duguid – he gave blood for the very first time. That’s something I’ve done for a few years now – it’s a relatively painless, quick way of doing something really worthwhile.

NHS Scotland needs 5,000 donations of blood every week just to meet demand – we all take it for granted I think that blood would be available if we needed an emergency transfusion ourselves but each  donation of blood has a very short shelf life. Your red cells, for example, can only be stored for a few weeks and your platelets have a shelf life of just five days.

Screening procedures are rigorous with particular attention being paid to travel outside the UK.  Craig’s role involves a lot of overseas travel including annual sales missions to India, Dubai and Kuwait so Craig had to have an additional test done prior to his donation to ensure that he hadn’t contracted anything in any of his recent overseas trips.

After giving blood you’re provided with a hot drink and chocolate biscuits to help replace the lost fluids and raise your blood sugar levels – we’re teasing Craig that some people will do anything to break their New Year diet!!

If you’re interest in following Craig’s great example lots more information is available on-line: or


Margaret Beattie

Managing Director

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