Meet the Team: A Day in the Life of Kris.

Tuesday 7th July 2015

Meet the Team: A Day in the Life of Kris.

Name: Krzysztof “Cliff” Parchimowicz


Job Title: Reservations Manager


Location: Aberdeen


How long worked for the company: 2 years


What your job entails: I am responsible for the smooth running of Reservations Department which involves taking/managing the bookings for our 4 locations, adjusting our rates, controlling revenue streams as well as forecasting.


Any funny or interesting stories that have happened to you while at work: Too many to remember one particular thing but let me put it this way – I sit opposite to Craig; there is always something funny/interesting going on :)


What do you like most about serviced apartments? : The space and usually their great central location.


Favourite flavour of ice cream? Mackies Dairy or my sister's daily special, she has her own ice-cream shop.


Favourite actor/actress? Leonardo Di Caprio


Tea or coffee? Coffee and lots of it.


What can’t you leave home without? Phone which is a bit sad really…


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